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Slope requirement for various surfaces

Slope requirement for various surfaces

Mastering the levels & slopes are very important aspect of achieving proper drainage in our building parts. Following are the various floor surfaces requires certain amount of slope,

  1. Toilets – Wet & Dry areas

  2. Utilities & Balconies

  3. Terrace

  4. Basement & Car parking areas

  5. Roads

  6. Drains & Plumbing lines

The slope requirement is decided on two factors,

  1. Floor Finish’s undulation level

  2. Rate of water draining requirement

The below table shows slope requirements against the above factors,

The slope may be mentioned in two ways, in ratio (ex: 1:100 or 1 in 100) or in percentage (ex: 1%). The below table gives the slope requirement for assumed floor finish,

In case of change in floor finish, slope has to be decided suitably.

Note: Toilet wet area is – Shower area & Toilet dry area is – EWC & Hand wash area.

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