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Category: Concreting

Surface voids in concrete

Surface voids are the cavities or little holes that appear on the surface of concrete castings. Surface voids (commonly known as pitting) are referred to as “bug holes” or “fish eyes”. These voids may produce an unacceptable appearance on the surface of the finished casting. Understanding the causes of surface voids and what can be…
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Achieving high quality concreting with Ready Mix Concrete:

There is no direct way to assess the compressive strength of concrete when it is in fresh stage. Hence it is very difficult to judge the quality of concrete in its fresh stage. So we need to take various steps to ensure quality of the concrete. Following are some of the important processes to be…
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Difference between Strength & Durability

Short answer: Strength is ‘how much load will it take?’ & Durability is ‘how long it will keep taking it’s designed load?’ In our training programs, we often find that audience take little longer time for defining Durability than Strength. At times they cannot differentiate them properly & feel that – ‘Strength is equal to…
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