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Category: Waterproofing

Waterproofing preparatory works – Bore packing

Bore packing is one of the preparatory works for waterproofing. This is to be ensured in Plumbing and Electrical penetrations. For example, Bore packing will be done for plumbing lines that are crossing the RCC members in toilets. Bore packing is the process of fixing Plumbing pipes in RCC members (Slabs or beams or RCC…
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Why does Waterproofing requires supervision; Ponding test should be enough na?

Very often we come across this question when we discuss about waterproofing activity. We strongly believe that Waterproofing is one of the very critical activities and requires highest possible supervision; following are the reasons, for why we feel so……   Ponding tests are usually done for 48 hours, and it is very easy for the waterproofing…
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Waterproofing preparatory works – Haunching

Haunching is a process of making the sharp corners into smooth curve in areas like floor & wall junctions and wall & wall junctions. Purpose of Haunching: The co-efficient of thermal expansion and contraction is different for floor and wall surface. Due to this the thin waterproofing layer may get damaged and leads to waterproofing…
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Crystalline waterproofing

The crystalline waterproofing compound is once mixed with water (as per manufacturer instruction) and applied over the prepared surface it will create the insoluble crystals in the pores of the concrete surface and blocks the penetration of water through pores. Whenever these insoluble crystals getting in contact with water it will further develops into more…
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Tile Spacers

Tile spacers are small pieces of plastic that allow us to achieve consistent spacing between the tiles when installing a floor or wall. Tile spacers are available in different sizes, Since the minor dimensional variation is possible in tiles, Tile spacers helps in getting proper tile joints & their line. Spacers enable a higher degree…
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SBR Latex

SBR – Styrene Butadiene Rubber SBR Latex is largely used in construction industry nowadays. This is used as an admixture for Cement slurry, Cement mortar & Concrete to improve some of their properties. In Cement slurry: When it is used with cement slurry it works as a bonding agent. It can be used in following…
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Silicone sealants

Silicone sealant is a semi solid flexible material which can be used for weather-proof and waterproof sealing. The silicone sealant will be in semi-solid state when it is fresh; and becomes elastic solid state after application. Where to use? In our buildings there are few corners, junctions & joints will have dissimilar expansion and contraction…
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Waterproofing on “Mother Slab vs Slope Screed”

Waterproofing(WP) can be done on mother slab or on slope screed. In this article we shall compare these two methods. Waterproofing on mother slab Waterproofing on slope screed  Step by step procedure: On mother slab: Preparatory works – Ponding test, Haunching, Bore packing, Pressure grouting, V-Groove packing Surface Preparation – Removal of unwanted materials, dead…
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Importance of Waterproofing

People say “Water is the best friend at the time of construction and the worst enemy after the construction”. When buildings are put in service, they go through various environmental effects that affect durability of the buildings; water intrusion is one the major cause….. So the waterproofing becomes one of the critical activities to ensure…
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