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Door Frame fixing using foam adhesives

Door Frame fixing using foam adhesives

Generally, door Frame fixing is done in following methodologies,

  • Hold fast system

  • Anchoring system

  • Foam adhesive system

  • Foam cum anchoring system

    Here, we would like to discuss about the foam adhesive system;

    General requirements of door frame fixing,

    The following are the requirements of frame fixing,

    • Frames are to be strongly fixed with the masonry

    • Opening sizes are in correct measurements

    • Door opening and closing should be perfect

    • Door frame fixing should not get affected due to environment thermal variation


    Foam & its characteristics:

    • The foam used for door frame fixing is basically polyurethane foam. It has excellent adhesion on most substrates. It has high thermal and acoustical insulation.

    • It has excellent stability, mounting capacities and very good filling nature.

    • It comes in ready to use cartridge with application nozzle accessories.


    1. All required functionalities of door fixing are full filled

    2. It helps to avoid moisture coming from masonry to wood. So life of the door frame will increase

    3. Easy to handle

    4. Machinery/ power supply not required

    So, we can able to save in manpower, Electricity, Environment…


    1. Proper surface preparation is important

    2. High Skilled tradesman & Supervision is must

    3. Templates are required for proper completion

    Installation (Step by step procedure):

    Preparatory Works:

    • Door jambs should be completed

    • All opening measurements to be ensured

    • The gap between wall and frame should be around 10 to 15mm

    • Vertical line should be in plumb

    • Level and line should be ensured

    Procedure of fixing:

    • Once the door jambs are ready, door frame are set in position with temporary wedges

    • Check for line, level, dimension and plumb

    • Use the template to keep the frame in position. (It is left in the position for at least 24hrs from foam filling)

    • The gap between the frame and jamb should be around 10 to 15mm

    • Set the nozzles in the cordage and fill the gaps with form.

    • After 12hrs the temporary wedges can be removed

    • Further steps like Architecture or shutter fixing can be done after 24hrs.

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