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Tolerances-Part 1

As per IS 456-2000 Tolerance on Formwork: (page no:25) a) Deviation from specified    dimensions of cross-section    of columns and beams                        +12mm & -6mm. b) Deviation from dimensions of footings          1. Dimension in plan                    +50mm & -12mm          2. Eccentricity                              0.02 times the width of the footing in the                                                            direction of deviation…
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Final inspection checks – Tile Works

Home buyer’s guide series article – Final inspection checks – Tile Works Following are the points need to be checked for tile works, 1. Living, Dining, Kitchen & Bedrooms – Flooring: Tiles should be laid with zero slope. So overall area should be in level without any slope or undulations Levels between tile joints should…
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Slope requirement for various surfaces

Mastering the levels & slopes are very important aspect of achieving proper drainage in our building parts. Following are the various floor surfaces requires certain amount of slope, Toilets – Wet & Dry areas Utilities & Balconies Terrace Basement & Car parking areas Roads Drains & Plumbing lines The slope requirement is decided on two factors, Floor…
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Compaction vs Consolidation

Most of the construction sites have some part of backfilled soil along the building periphery. The density of these backfilled soil plays a major role in supporting and transferring forthcoming structure’s load safely. Higher the density, safer the forthcoming structures. To achieve maximum density we follow compaction and or consolidation in backfilling process. 3 Parts of Soil mass…
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