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Tolerances-Part 1

Tolerances-Part 1

As per IS 456-2000

Tolerance on Formwork: (page no:25)

a) Deviation from specified

   dimensions of cross-section

   of columns and beams                        +12mm & -6mm.

b) Deviation from dimensions of footings

         1. Dimension in plan                    +50mm & -12mm

         2. Eccentricity                              0.02 times the width of the footing in the

                                                           direction of deviation but not more than 50mm

         3. Thickness                                ± 0.05 times the specified thickness.

Tolerances on Placing of reinforcement: (page no:26)

Unless otherwise specified by engineer-in-charge,the reinforcement shall he placed within the following tolerances:

a) for effective depth 200 mm or less               ±10mm

b) for effective depth more than 200 mm         ± 15mm

Tolerances for cover: (page no:26)

Unless specified otherwise, actual concrete cover should not deviate from the required nominal cover                                               +10mm & -0 mm.

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