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Crystalline waterproofing

Crystalline waterproofing

The crystalline waterproofing compound is once mixed with water (as per manufacturer instruction) and applied over the prepared surface it will create the insoluble crystals in the pores of the concrete surface and blocks the penetration of water through pores.

Whenever these insoluble crystals getting in contact with water it will further develops into more in number and hence blocks the penetration of water through the pores.


  • It can be used on both positive and negative pressure sides

  • Crystallisation process will be reactivated whenever the crystals getting in contact with water

  • It increases resistance to water flow

  • It protects the structure from corrosive agents carried by water


Preparatory works:

  • All construction joints, cracks and weak areas should be suitably identified

  • V-groove should be made along the length of the construction joints, cracks and identified weak areas.

  • Then by approved make grouting material V-groove should be packed well

  • GI nipple should be fixed at suitable areas and pressure grouting to be done (by using the approved grout).

  • Haunching should be done in floor and wall junctions

  • The data sheet should be available and the application to be carried out as per manufacturer’s instruction.

Material preparation:

  • The crystalline waterproofing compound will come in powder form and it should be mixed with water as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

  • After preparing the waterproofing compound it should be consumed within the pot life mentioned by the manufacturer (usually 20 to 30mins).


  • Surface at which waterproofing to be done must be pre-moistened

  • By using the stiff bristled brush the coating should be applied in circular motion to push the chemicals deep into the surface being treated.

  • The direction of application of the 2nd coat should be perpendicular to the direction of application of 1st coat.

  • Sufficient curing should be given between each coat (4 hours).


  • For aesthetic purpose (if required) protective plaster can be done over the crystalline coating, otherwise this system doesn’t required protective coating.

Areas of Application:

  1. Swimming pool (External)

  2. RCC wall and Slabs

  3. OHT, STP and UG sump (Internal)

Areas not to be applied:

Porous surfaces are not suitable for crystalline waterproofing.

Ex : Surfaces like block work, plastering and screeding.

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