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Silicone sealants application in Toilet – step by step procedure

Silicone sealants application in Toilet – step by step procedure

Silicone sealant application will be the final activity of the toilet. All the finishing activities like, tiles, doors and windows, false ceiling, C P & sanitary fixtures etc., to be completed 100%.

Preparatory works

  • Loose particles should be cleaned properly

  • Using cloth or brush remove the dust particles completely

  • No moisture content in the joints

  • Following tools and materials should be kept ready

    a. Masking tape

    b. Silicone sealant tube

    c. Silicone gun

    d. Cutter

    e. Brush

    f. Cloth

    g. Soap water


  • Place the masking tape on the wall corners to maintain uniform line

  • Prepare silicone gun as follows

    1. Silicone cartridges front end should be cut and nozzle has to be fixed

    2. Nozzle has to be cut in 45 degree angle with a opening size of 5 to 8mm

    3. Fix the cartridge in the gun

  • Apply the silicone sealant using the silicone application gun without getting any gaps

  • Spray the soap water over silicone

  • Remove excess silicone using the silicone application tool for curved shape (you can use ice cream spoon as a tool)

  • Spray soap water and finish it by fingers or silicon application tool to achieve smooth finish

  • Finally remove masking tape not later than 10 minutes of application


  • The fresh silicone is in paste form, once sets it becomes like elastic rubber. Please don’t use hard acids, sharp cleaning tools on silicone sealant.

  • Silicone sealant will require a replacement once in 3 to 5 years based on the maintenance.

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