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L – Angle fixing at tile drop areas

L – Angle fixing at tile drop areas

‘One tile drop’ is given between main floor and toilets/balconies/utilities for restricting the water flow in to main floor.

These areas are mostly treated improperly, And chances of water entering and tile damages are high.

Using ‘L’ angle will improve following aspects,

  • Avoids the tile edge damages

  • Maintains the surface level in door openings

  • Maintains the level difference between the main area and sunken area le

  • Ease to achieve required slope

  • Good finishing and maintenance

Step by step installation procedure


  • Mark the level and fix button mark on tile drop area (main floor and toilets/balconies/utilities).

  • Take the required size of ‘L’ angle and fix same on button mark level. Spread the prepared cement mortar up to one tile drop level in both side.

  • Check the mortar bed level for using spirit level on both side of floor.

  • After fixing the ‘L’ angle start the tiling work and finally maintain one tile drop on between both floor level.

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