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Tiling – Circular cutting

Tiling – Circular cutting

The cutting of materials such as flooring, wall, roofing, or decking to create a curved surface, or to go around a circular/curved intersection of plumbing fixtures (for traps and shower points).

Objectives of circular cutting:

  • Easy working method

  • Good finishing

  • Avoiding damages

  • Good workmanship

Materials used in circular cutting:

  • Circular bit of various sizes (20mm,30mm,40mm,60mm 80mm,110mm,150mm and so on)

  • Drilling machine

  • Measurement tape and marker

  • Dust mask

  • Hearing plug

  • Safety goggles

Step by step work procedure

  • Do the required marking on the surface of the tiles.

  • Tiles are safely placed on a sand bed.

  • Cut the tiles using required size of circular drill bit and drilling machine. Applying the steady pressure on the tile slowly.

  • After completion of cutting edges of both the side of the tiles should be cleaned for using sponge/cloth.


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