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SBR Latex

SBR Latex

SBR – Styrene Butadiene Rubber

SBR Latex is largely used in construction industry nowadays. This is used as an admixture for Cement slurry, Cement mortar & Concrete to improve some of their properties.

In Cement slurry:

When it is used with cement slurry it works as a bonding agent. It can be used in following places,

  1. As a bonding agent for plastering construction joints

  2. For Waterproofing preparatory works like Bore-packing, V-groove packing, etc.,

  3. For Cementitious pressure grouting

  4. As a bonding agent for screeding works

In Cement mortar:

When it is used with cement mortar it works as an admixture and helps modifying some of the properties of cement mortar, namely,

  • Reducing shrinkage effects

  • Increasing flextural/tensile strength

It can be used in following areas,

  1. For external plastering

  2. For waterproofing preparatory works

  3. For screeds & plasters on which waterproofing will be done

  4. For screeds & plasters of protection layers for waterproofing

  5. For plastering of Drains & plumbing shaft

In Concrete:

When it is used with concrete it improves following properties of concrete,

  • Adhesion

  • Flextural strength

  • Water resistance

It can be used in following areas,

  1. Slab concretes of Podium and terraces

  2. Slab concretes of Toilets, Utilities & Balconies (TUB areas)

  3. Other waterproofing required areas

Critical Note:

In our experience, we have observed two critical mistakes happens with SBR Latex usage. Those are

  1. SBR Latex is been considered as a waterproofing layer / waterproofing chemical. This is totally wrong. Though SBR Latex is been largely used in places where waterproofing will be done, it is not a waterproofing layer. This is used to improve the subsurface of waterproofing or protection layer of waterproofing or as a bonding agent; and SBR Latex can not be considered as a waterproofing layer.

  2. Improper dosage is the other major issue. Many construction chemical manufacturing companies produces this product and has different mix ratios advised for various applications. So following the specification sheet’s guidelines is a must.

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