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Silicone sealants

Silicone sealants

Silicone sealant is a semi solid flexible material which can be used for weather-proof and waterproof sealing. The silicone sealant will be in semi-solid state when it is fresh; and becomes elastic solid state after application.

Where to use?
In our buildings there are few corners, junctions & joints will have dissimilar expansion and contraction property. Let’s call these areas as “Critical joints”. In these Critical joints we need to use silicone sealants.

For example:
1. Two different material junctions
2. Two wall junctions (In toilet and Kitchen)
3. Wall and floor junctions (In toilet and Kitchen)
4. Expansion joints

Why not cement or grout?

Cement is a non-flexible material and it gets very rigid after hardening. If we use cement in Critical joints it will not permit expansion and contraction to happen properly. So the joint may get cracked and water may enter through those cracks.

But silicone sealant will acts as flexible material in that particular region, while during the time of expansion and contraction it will allow itself to expand and contract. During the time of repair works the silicone sealant can be easily removed and refilled.

Types of silicone used in our building construction:

  1. Sanitary silicone

  2. General Purpose (GP) silicone

  3. External use silicone

1. Sanitary Silicone
The sanitary silicone is mainly used in the water usage areas like Toilets, Kitchen, Utility and balcony. This sealant has Anti-fungal property. This silicone gives very smooth finishing when compared with the other types of silicones. This type of silicone are used in the following locations

In Toilet, Kitchen, Utility and Balcony
a) Wall and Floor tile junction
b) Wall and Wall Junction
c) Around the sanitary fittings
d) Around the plumbing fittings
e) Wall and Counter Junction
f) Necessary areas if any

2. GP Silicone
The GP silicone is used in the non-water usage areas like Doors and Windows (Internal). It acts as great barrier against the compressive and tensile force acts during the time of movement in doors and windows. It is little bit harder than the sanitary silicone.

3. External use silicone
The external silicone is used in the exterior side of the buildings. This sealant can withstand very high temperature and it is harder than the other two types of silicone sealant. This type of silicone are used in the following location
1. Window and ventilators ( External )
2. External glazing works
3. External works like expansion joint treatment
4. Necessary areas if any

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