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Tile Spacers

Tile Spacers

Tile spacers are small pieces of plastic that allow us to achieve consistent spacing between the tiles when installing a floor or wall.

Tile spacers are available in different sizes,

Since the minor dimensional variation is possible in tiles, Tile spacers helps in getting proper tile joints & their line. Spacers enable a higher degree of accuracy during tile installations.

Fixing the tile spacers

Lay the first tile in line with reference point. After the first tile is laid, put a spacers on each corner of the tile. Place the next tile against the spacers of first tile & align the second tile for required line & level. Then place additional spacers. Repeat this process until completing the tiling work in particular location.

Removing tile spacers

Leave the tile spacers in place while the adhesive or mortar is setting. These spacers has to be removed after 24 hours. The gap between the tiles has to be cleaned and maintained till grouting completion.

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